Pomona Solar Co-operative is harnesssing the power of the sun for the benefit of people in Herefordshire.

We currently have 300kW of solar panels, installed in 2015, silently generating emission-free electricity that is being sold direct to some local businesses, with surplus being exported to the grid.  Each year these panels generate about 280,000 kWh (284,198 kWh in 2019) and we expect them to do the same for many years to come. The installation is owned by our approximately 100 current members.

We are now looking to add more installations around the county, partnering with local communities and businesses that might have good rooftop sites. How about your village hall? Or school? Or a large workshop or warehouse, farm building or factory? We’ll be adding information about how to partner with us very soon.

Our arrays allow Herefordshire to generate its own clean power without needing to import fossil fuel. They provide a local and ethical investment opportunity for local people, helping to diversify the rural economy, keeping jobs and savings locally, as well as improving energy security and helping reduce Herefordshire’s carbon footprint.

If you’d like to be kept up to date with the development of the co-op please register for our email list – see the ‘Mailing list’ box on the right of every page.

“This is all about low-carbon energy security for individuals, for communities and for the county as a whole, and I sincerely hope that everyone concerned about energy and climate change in Herefordshire will become a member and will help Pomona realise this ambitious and much-needed initiative.”    JONATHAN PORRITT