What our members say

Our members have bought shares in Pomona for various reasons – this is what some of them have said about why they became members:


I don’t live that close to Pomona’s area but it’s good to know that I can support the production of clean energy there.

You get the best of everything with renewable energy co-ops – carbon-free electricity, a valuable investment, joined-up communities.

F Hodges, Warwickshire

Reasons why I invested in Pomona: I had an investment mature, and was wondering where to put the money. Banks are boring, at best, and I have a much better feeling from investing in renewable energy. Pomona looked safe enough and probably will give a good enough return, and is reasonably close – I might call by one day and see what my money’s doing. Something positive.
Philip Pool

“I support energy co-operatives like Pomona not only because they produce low-carbon energy, they also engage more people in the very important question of how we power our society in the future. They allow people who can’t buy a renewable energy system for their own house to invest, get a decent financial return and contribute to a lower carbon economy.”
Rob Palgrave, Herefordshire