Pomona Solar Co-operative to go ahead with 50kW extension – more shares on offer

We are delighted to announce that Pomona Solar Cooperative has now committed to building an extra 50kW extension at Stoke Edith and has today launched a new share offer to raise the £70,000 needed to install the panels.

Our planning permission allows us to build up to 300kW but we decided to build just 250kW in the first phase with the intention of adding 50kW at a later date. However, because of the threat that the Feed in Tariff will all but disappear in 2016, we have accelerated our plans and have decided to install the final 50kW before the end of the year so that we can still obtain the current tariff.

You can download a share offer document and application form here.

Even though we are pressing ahead urgently in order that the additional 50 kW will qualify for the Feed-in Tariff, it is our hope that the government’s decision following the current consultation will be to reduce FiTs much more gradually. The proposed cuts would make it far more difficult for other groups to launch new initiatives like ours. We encourage you to respond to the consultation www.solar-trade.org.uk/category/consultations/ or to sign one of the current petitions such as: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/106791
or http://keepfits.org/
You may also like to look at the Solar Trade Association’s blueprint for reducing FiTs gradually, by 2020 http://www.solar-trade.org.uk/the-solar-independence-plan-for-britain/