Urgent news regarding deadline for new shares

Impending changes to EIS legislation has imposed an important deadline to our extension share offer. The government has just announced that EIS legislation will be changed so that community energy schemes will be excluded from this tax relief and this will be enacted from 30th November. If you want shares in Pomona and want to claim the tax relief you need to get an application in before this date. We have to process the application and clear cheques before issuing shares so APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY US NO LATER THAN 20TH NOVEMBER FOR APPLICATIONS ACCOMPANIED BY CHEQUES, OR 26TH NOVEMBER FOR EMAILED APPLICATIONS PAID BY BANK TRANSFER. The share offer will be continued after this date but shares would not be eligible for tax relief.

This new legislation means that no community energy share offers after this date will be eligible for tax relief so THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EIS TAX RELIEF WITH COMMUNITY ENERGY SHARES.